Affect Effect

The most frightening thing as an artist is to put your work out into the world. The world can be a dark and cruel place where the masses lie waiting to consume and tear down the efforts of those who express themselves through the arts. But it also can be a world where individuals can be entertained, inspired, enlightened and fulfilled with open reception of an artists offerings.

To the artists out there, I've learned something a long time ago, if you wish for accolades, be prepared to be criticized. Regardless of your contribution, there are those who are going to love you, and those who will hate you. Be impervious to both. Make your art, selfishly, with the intention to satiate the voices in your head, and to bring satisfaction to your soul. If others welcome your art as inspiration and enjoyment, bravo, you've killed two birds with one stone. If others disparage your creation, then it should be of no consequence to you, because, this is just the unfortunate matter in which they were not able to be touched by your artistry.

To all those I've touched, Saluto vos.
To all those that I haven't touched, De gustibus non est disputandum.