To Live as Lions.

For most of my life, I spent it as most others do. Well, maybe not most. After realizing I had only one real "friend" in high school, I dropped out and immediately started down the path making a living as an artist. I was signed to my first major label deal at the age of 19, and did my first major studio film by the age of 21. I had set the blueprint for my existence, I was going to follow a path that I carved. I don't really believe we as humans are in control of anything per se, the only thing we really have "Control" of, is ourselves. Meaning, what I'm going to do with myself, when I wake tomorrow. Everything else, is a collision of accidents and circumstances, that the universe stirs with it's soulcrushing spoon. But, with what little control I do have, I grabbed a hold of it and dictated the terms of my life.

Now, I've been in some pretty sketchy situations, some easy, and some life and death. It's funny, how when looking back, whether it be a total car wreck, which surely should have killed me, or commercial flights where, I could have sworn Tom Cruise was flying the jet as if he was testing its aeronautical limits, or even being almost lost in the back wilderness in 15 degree snowy terrain, I have always felt in the back of my mind, that I'm invincible. Although, I'm not, no one is. But I have lived as though I am, which leads me to the point of this story. I'll never cure any disease, or invent the next device that will change the world, but, in the small, expression of artistry, that I put out, whether it be my work in films, my music, my artwork, or my passing on of martial knowledge,  I have found a minute bit of significance, to what can be considered for us all, an inconsequential existence. Everything I've done as an artist has been fulfilling, it's my life. It's not a job, it IS me. There have been those that dismiss, and variably have distain for my ability to cross over into multiple landscapes of art and excel. It's because they are pussys. Afraid of their own shadows. They fear criticism. They fear, period.

This also translates into my attitudes on hunting. I don't hunt predators, but I do hunt Elk and deer. If you want to grill it, than you should kill it. I also have chickens and a few gardens. I believe self reliance, and self sustainability are hallmarks of humanity. There is something sacred about that. Something primitive, that has been lost in most peoples lives. They have been removed from the equation of getting their food. It really is kind of sad. If you eat meat, you should take the steps to harvesting it yourself. 

However minimal, my work has inspired many people. Although my art is purely a way to express myself, I have also made the decision to share it with the world. If people enjoy it, it is merely an unintentional side effect of making it public. Because of that, I have received an abundance of responses from people all over the world. And not in a purposeless pop icon way, where the only reason they are recognized is because their genitals were photographed, but because, the art I put out, had an identifiable meaning that was shared by those who received its message. And don't be mistaken, there are plenty of people who hate my guts, and I actually am thankful for that. Because, that is the life of a lion. He wakes up and lives, he sets the blue print for his existence. Makes decisions, and lives with the consequences. He obeys his own thoughts and instincts, not at the behest of others. There are those that respect his strength and beauty, and those who fear and hate him for the same attributes. Regardless, he doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks. I can think of no better existence, than to truly be as free as that.

Live as lions.